Niftie is a community aggregator.  We use technology to bring together groups of people to create small but effective economies of scale.

Since March 2016 Niftie has been building a community of users in Kellyville, Rouse Hill, The Ponds and surrounding areas to share in the cost of hire of a chartered coach, running express to the CBD.

We do this through our technology platform.


What this means for you:

If you are a resident of this area, and you work in the CBD, there is a co-op of residents who have done the hard work, and you can now join a commuting group, which comes together to charter a private coach as a means of direct and express transport to and from the CBD each work day

Is Niftie a Bus Company?

No.  All transport is provided by a legally accredited and fully insured coach company, with an experienced driver.

What are the key benefits of using the service?

Time and Comfort

The charter service is between 20 and 30 minutes faster each way.  If you catch the service just one-way each day, you will recover 18 workdays a year.

The Charter service is much more comfortable.  We guarantee you a seat on a coach.


Is it more expensive?

In hard costs yes.  Tickets range between $9 and $6.75 per trip.  The time saving that  you will gain, means that your day can start later and finish earlier when undertaking your work day from door to door.


What times do the coaches run? 

We have 2 coaches.

The first coach leaves the Hills around 7 am and arrives to the CBD around 7.40 am.  The second coach leaves the Hills around 7.25 am and arrives to the CBD around 8.20 am

Of an evening, we leave the CBD around 5.20 and 5.45, before running directly back to Kellyville,  The Ponds and Rouse Hill.

Download the app, email or call for more details.


Can I hail the bus?

No – even if you are a member, if you have not pre purchased a ticket, you cannot hail the coach.


How do the stops work?

 We work with each of our members to set up the best place to pick you up – So get in touch we might get you from your house!


What Happens with Heavy Traffic?

As the service provided does not follow a specific route, we are able to take any road or set of roads to get to our destination as quickly as we can.